Faith Summer: A Re-Introduction

Hi! my name is Faith

I’m from (the middle of nowhere) Ontario, Canada. Raised in a tiny little town surrounded by woodland and fresh water lakes, we grew up in nature. I went to a little school of only 30children total in all the grades. We even had to cross the border into the United States if we wanted to go to the movie theatre, because that was the closest one around!


After high school, I moved to Vancouver, BC to study psychology and live in the mountains. I ended up starting my clothing business instead of studying 🙈  and soon after left school to continue shooting photography in the wild & working on my new business venture.

I made new friends in the city and eventually moved downtown to the beach, where I could live the lifestyle that made me happy.

I’m a quirky free spirit and passionate entrepreneur.

I breathe creativity and love to collaborate with others. I created my media business & clothing company from my passion for creativity.

Here's what I do for media work:

✔️  Website Creation

✔️  Graphic Design⁣⁣⁣

✔️  Social Media Management

✔️  Brand Content⁣⁣⁣

✔️  Photo Sessions of all sorts

Clothing design makes me excited!

We all wear clothes anyway ‑ my as well wear ones that make you feel empowered, uplifted, and supported.

Affirmation Armour™️ is my brand that celebrates free thinkers, nomads, outcasts, and lovers of life. We are all equally stoked on life and represent that through our clothing choices.

What are you dreaming about?

Do you dream of starting a clothing line?⁣

⁣Being a model, or influencer?⁣

⁣Photographer, designer, or content creator?⁣

⁣I have heaps of amazing offers for you. It is my passion to help execute your dreams and ideas! If you're squirming with an idea but not sure how to make it come to life - let's chat!

What's been holding you back?

➡️ Building that website?⁣

➡️ Getting those headshots?⁣

➡️ Starting that business instagram account?⁣

➡️ Taking pictures that do your amazing products justice?⁣

➡️ Not getting any likes or comments even though you pour your energy and creativity into your content?⁣

⁣I have solutions⁣.

Let’s create together!

I can help with engagement, new photos, brand scaling, graphics, websites, or consultations on going to the next level 📈

I believe in building your dream life: co‑creating with God.

You were born to thrive.

You are worthy of a fulfilling life.

God gave you life. Live it well.

I LOVE creating 😍📸🎨

Recreating what you saw + felt in a moment, that’s art to me.

Here’s are some of my favourite ways to creativity express myself:

‑ photography

‑ modeling

‑ art

‑ dance

‑ videography

‑ clothing design

‑ graphics

‑ and writing

I am travel OBSESSED

The lights in NYC

The animals in Africa

The people in Jamaica

The mountains in Vancouver

The coast in Oregon

The sunshine in Cuba

The possibilities in the world ...

These are some of my favourites👆🏼💗

Building my dream one step at a time...

Living in the mountains grounded me down to the Earth, lighted a passion inside me, and reminded me of how lucky we are to experience this world, planet, and lifetime.

The journey is the destination. The gift is the path.


My middle name.

I will share more in the future, about my story. What makes me who I am.

What I want to say now is:

  • You are powerful.
  • Your voice matters.
  • You can go on.
  • You are important.
  • You are resilient.

Thank you. ❤️

Let’s talk more soon. Thank you, seriously, for reading and getting to know me more.

I would love to work with you, or just get to know you!

Have a blessed day ✨

~ Faith Summer

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